Tim Williamson, an ultra runner to the north pole

Tales of North pole expeditions relate the tough weather conditions, the bitter cold and the emptiness. Tim Williamson, a 25 years old guy from Newcastle, UK, will go there next year, solo.

The challenge set by this young ultra runner is hard. Maybe even the hardest ever planned. Tim will walk 2200 miles in 6 weeks, from Resolute Bay in Canada to the North pole and back. He will leave on 13th January 2013 at 13:13 and set off on foot, alone and unsupported and in total darkness for the duration of the challenge.

Should he succeed, Tim Williamson will record the longest land based solo unsupported solo trek as well as being the first person to ever make it to the North pole and back without skis.

To top it off, the expedition will no use any air transports.

A very tough challenge indeed but we are all with him and wish him all the best for his expedition. If you want more info and to contact Tim head to his website: http://thenorthpoleexpedition.com

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