Vollebak Condition Black : the extreme surviving jacket

Do you need to survive in the harshest, most extreme conditions ? The latest jacket from Volleback might be just what you need. The Condition Black is not made for your everyday outdoor adventure, but is ready to withstand the most difficult situations. The jacket features some impressive tech, including ceraspace panels (from Schoeller) that will help your body retain its heat and is incredibly study. Its manufacturer claims that ceraspace is the toughest material after diamonds, and that it can protect you from falls up to 120 kph thanks to its smart positioning on the jacket to anticipate impact points.

vollebak condition black 2
And I case you were in real trouble after falling from great heights in an extremely cold environment, everything in the Condition Jack was designed to aid you : you will find glowing instructions printed in the jacket’s arm reminding you of the most important steps for your survival.The Condition Black is even designed to optimize your body temperature and protection if you stay in fetal position. The Condition Black is water repellent, 98% windproof and offers fast drying and moisture controlling features. Thanks to its Schoeller WB 400 soft shell with NanoSphere coaling, you won’t have to worry about sturdiness or isolation.

vollebak condition black 1
Now, there is no doubt that the condition black offers some great tech and features. But the burning question is : who will have a proper use for that jacket ? Some of its features look like a bit of an overkill for regular outdoor activities, and even though they will be appreciated for mountaineering and skying (like the articulated hood that can lock over your helmet), you might never find yourself in a situation where the extreme survival elements of the Condition Black come in handy. And given the price of the jacket (over 800$), let’s bet that the everyday outdoor adventurer will never have a real need for it. Unless you always end up falling great heights or being trapped under a thick layer of snow : in that case, the Condition Black was designed for you.

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