Yak wool might be the future of natural fabrics

If you prefer your base layer to be made from natural fibers, you’re in for a treat. Yak wool is getting a jump-start in the outdoor market thanks to Kora.

The British brand, founded by Michael Kleinwort, is the creator of the Him-Layer. This patented fabric is made from yak wool and could, according to their communication, be 40% warmer than Merino weight for weight. And that’s not all. Kora says yak wool is also 17% better at transporting water vapor (=wicking) and its Hima-Layer has 66% greater air permeability than Merino wool. Yak wool? Yes please!


I’ve never touched yak wool but apparently it is very soft and Kora is sourcing it directly from Himaleyan communities using and “ethical harvesting process”, which sounds good.

Kora’s first collection of 100% yak wool base layers includes tops and leggings for men and women. With prices around £100 for the tops and £95 for the leggings, it is still going to be a tough sell even with the mentioned benefits of yak wool but if the demand grows we could see Merino like prices in the future.

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