Meet Tyler Armstrong, the 11 year old boy who wants to climb the Everest

Tyler Armstrong, an 11-years-old boy from California, is aiming to climb 7 of the most renowned summits in the world. The boy is not a rookie climber though, as he already was the youngest person to climb the Mount Aconcagua at the age of 9. For the Everest, he wants to break a new record by ascending it before his 13th birthday. The current record belongs to Jordan Romero, another Californian boy who reached the top while he was 13 years old.


However, the ambition of the young Tyler is, for some people (like the American climber John Krakauer), to be tempered. The risk might be too important for a boy that age, given the frequency of fatal accidents among Everest climbers. And after the previous climbing of Everest by Jordan Romero, the Tibet Mountaineering Association even forbid the ascension of Mount Everest to people younger than 18 years old.

The goal of Tyler Armstrong is to raise $1 million to help fighting a disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This fatal muscular disease condemn some 300,000 children around the world to move in a wheelchair during most of their life, who might most likely end before they reach adulthood.

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