Unibank Pull Cord Powerbank wins Sustainability Award

Unibank Pull Cord Powerbank wins Sustainability Award

The Unibank Pull Cord Powerbank is rechargeable via its pull and power charger or via USB, making it incredibly versatile.

Pulling the cord by hand for 90 seconds can give you 25 minutes of talk time on a typical smartphone.

Pull Cord Powerbank hand charges in 90s

Award-Winning Pull Cord Powerbank Innovation

The pull cord mechanism allows you to generate power, not just with the pull, but also via the recoil motion. The design received Global acclaim at the International Design Awards winning in the ‘Sustainable Living, Environmental Preservation’ category.

Used day-to-day, the pull cord power bank can cut your electricity consumption and help reduce your carbon footprint.

For outdoor lovers though, the real benefits come from the ability to generate power on the go. Solar chargers are great for camping trips, but can be slow, and are no good without the sun!

With the Unibank you’ll no longer have to fear being stuck in the wilderness without charge for a call or GPS again.

Pull Cord Powerbank and Accessories

Light, Sound and Safety

The Unibank Pull Cord Powerbank also comes with some optional extras.

Create Light – Unibank’s ambient light attachment provides bright personal illumination. Pick from the full-colour spectrum via the app.

Create Sound – With wireless speakers in the wild, battery life is always a struggle. Not with Unibank! Pair the compact, lightweight Blue-tooth speaker and it’s ready to go and go.

Create Safety – Stay safe with Unibank’s personal 120-decibel panic alarm attachment. Pair with your smartphone to send personalised emergency texts to your contacts with GPS coordinates.

This innovative product has been four years in the making with the vision of creating an unlimited power source that would serve anyone who is off-grid, allowing them to stay connected wherever they are.


Unibank Key Features

  • Unique pull cord power bank charger
  • Can also be charged by USB
  • Built-in LED torch LED power indicators
  • Choice of four attachments
  • Free app for iOS and AndroidHigh-grade componentsEnvironmentally friendly
  • Worldwide safety standardsUser friendly

The Unibank is available for purchase now from https://unibanktm.com/ RRP £98.95

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