Polartec Alpha Direct debuts this fall-winter as new insulation tech

Polartec has been using the Alpha synthetic fill for years now but this winter it will be all about the Direct, a variant of the Alpha that doesn’t need a face or liner fabric.

There are different ways you can make a piece of gear lighter. Use better materials, remove unnecessary features or remove layers in its construction. The later is what Polartec wants to do with its new Polartec Alpha Direct insulation. This version of the Alpha offers direct warmth, increased breathability and compressibility, as well as faster dry times, while reducing overall weight.

We started seeing a few pieces using Polartec Alpha Direct but this winter should be the season. Jackets like the Norrona Lofoten Alpha Raw Zip Hoodie fleece top and the Rab Alpha Flash Jacket are great examples of what can be done with this new technology.

The Lofoten Alpha Raw uses a combination of Polartec Alpha Direct and Polartec Power Grid in a mid-layer-class jacket for high output activities like skiing and snowboarding.

The Rab Alpha Flash is another mid-layer using Alpha Direct insulation on most of its shape. It is said to have first-class warmth-to-weight ratio and comes at 273g/9.6oz.

Look out for more product this Fall-Winter 18 using the new Polartec Alpha Direct.

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