Review: Salomon Quest 4d gtx

We’re just back from a good weekend of camping and hiking where Ben had the chance to test the Salomon Quest 4d gtx.

Salomon has been making quality shoes for a while now and while the prices are not in the cheap section they usually give you some high grade equipment which last longer.

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX were released earlier this year as high quality boots for backpackers and hikers. They feature a strong build with leather/nylon and a Gore-Tex membrane that is waterproof and breathable. The inner sole is using Salomon’s Ortholite technology for comfort, absorption and have a antimicrobial treatment.

So what are they worth after a two days of intense hiking? Ben goes ‘feet in’.

Those boots look solid on paper and they are actually pretty well built. The leather/nylon outer is very sturdy and well assembled. The Salomon Quest 4d gtx stichings are tight and the overall shoe is surprisingly light (~650g per shoe). The front is reinforced by a rubber covering to give extra protection to you toes, which is always welcome when hiking/scrambling.

Salomon Quest 4d gtx

The outer sole uses Salomon’s Contacgrip tech for optimal grip on all surfaces. It looks a bit soft on the sides but the rest is made of good strong rubber that shouldn’t degrade as fast as some other lighter alternatives.

The first thing you notice when you wear them for the first time is that they are very high, covering well above the ankle. It gives a good feeling of security and overall holding you will not find on lower shoes. They fit well when laced up. Make sure you tight them enough though, the padded tongue can feel a bit annoying if not.

Salomon Quest 4d gtx in conditions

Salomon Quest 4d gtx lacing system

Walking sensations are good, the sole is just flexible enough and the small weight make those shoes easy on the feet. The grip is very good but I’ve tried better on wet surfaces like flat rocks. Waterproofing is top notch and the Gore-Tex membrane does an ok job at letting your feet breathe. You can walk in water ankle deep and still be dry when you come out, which is pretty good.

Update after more than a year of use: they are very warm, good when the weather is a bit nippy but for summer hikes avoid. Durability is incredible. I have walked kilometers after kilometers in mine but you can’t really tell. And of course still as waterproof as the first day. Thanks Gore-Tex for that.


The Salomon Men’s Quest 4D gtx are indeed good shoes to wear for hikes and fast walks. Water proofing is excellent without trading too much on the comfort. Will suit outdoor enthusiast as well as more hardcore hikers looking for a light pair of shoes without compromise. Can be found for as low as $130 in some colors.

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