Arc’teryx Carrier Duffle: lightweight and sturdy

Arc’teryx is back with an incredibly resistant duffle bag that should satisfy the explorers looking for a good mix between lightweight and durability. The canadian brand offers various sizes and colors, all made from a N400r-AC2 nylon fabric.


From the several different colours offered, most are quite flashy. Not ideal if you value discretion, but definitely a must for low light environments. The interior of the bag is coated in a white, reflexive fabric that also helps illuminate its content.

It is fairly impressive to see how lightweight and compressible this duffle bag is. When empty, you can pack it in your pocket for an almost non-existent weight. Its sturdy fabric is also easy to clean, as well as being water-resistant.


While non-submersible and not totally waterproof, the duffle bag is made out of an advanced composite construction. With its water-resistant zip, it resists very well against rain and water drops of all kind.

The Arc’teryx Carrier Duffle comes in 4 different sizes (35, 50, 75 and 100 litres). The biggest ones allow to pack a lot, but keep in mind that above 30 litres, you won’t be able to bring it as a carry-on baggage on a plane when full.


$139 (35L)

$159 (50L)

$179 (75L)

$199 (100L)

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