This bag will help you inflate anything with just a breath

If you enjoy going camping or to the beach, there is a chance you’ll have to inflate something, wether it’s a mattress, toys, a raft… And everyone knows it can be a hastle blowing up those things. Fortunately, some people come up with brilliant ideas to make our lives easier. Last month, we wrote about the Max Pump, a tiny air pump with superpowers, and now we’ll introduce you to the Fluxbag, a bag that will help you inflate anything really fast.

How does the Fluxbag works? It’s quite simple. You just have to blow in it once or twice to make it full of air. The Fluxbag has a 200-litre volume and a 50 cm wide opening to help you capture the air around you. Once the air is in, close the opening and capture the air. Then, you’ll just have to roll the bag up, connect it to your inflatable and stand, kneel or lay down on it so the air can go from the Fluxbag into your inflatable. But how can only one breath catch so much air? It uses the Bernoulli effect that together with that one breath also propels the surrounding air into the bag. This system makes the bag effortless and faster to use than most air pumps available out there.


Also, by using the detached nozzles that are coming with the Fluxbag, and by inserting them into the valve, you’ll be able to deflate faster. The nozzle opens the small plastic hinge deep inside the valve and lets the air escape freely.

The Fluxbag is easy to carry and pack up. It weights only 100 g and comes with a pouch just 9 x 19 cm. If you’re concerned about the solidity of the bag, you don’t have to worry as the Fluxbag uses high-quality and lightweight PU-coated rip-stop nylon that is nearly indestructible.


The team behind the Fluxbag is still looking for funds on Kickstarter. If you’re interested in the product, it costs 19 € and comes with a pouch and two exchangeable valve adapters.

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