Keep your tech charged at all times with this waterproof solar charging system

A team of action sports athletes and outdoor warriors from California have invented a waterproof solar charging system that will make sure your devices are charged, so you never miss the chance to capture that magical moment in the most remote places.

The Savior, as it is called, will save you on many occasions. If you’re used to travel, hike, and explore the wildest places, you don’t want your phone or camera to let you down when no charger is around. Because you won’t find any power sources in the wildest areas, the Savior will come in handy to charge all your precious equipment. This solar charging system will allow you to continue to take pictures, film with your GoPro or use your smartphone. You’ll therefore be able to stay out all weekend without worrying about finding a power outlet.


This charging system is made of 15 Watt solar panels. It is powerfull enough to charge a smartphone as fast as a wall charger, and it features two USB ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It also has daisy chain capabilities. What does it mean? If you have more than one Savior, you can connect them to each other in order to create a mega charger and increase power.

One of the Savior’s main feature is that it is waterproof. It will protect your tech and the charging system from the elements, and it includes a waterproof detachable pocket as well as a waterproof earphone port. Add to this its ultra rugged construction and you have a robust charging system that will never let you down.


The Savior doesn’t take too much space. Opened, it is 23 cm high, 61 cm wide, and .6 cm deep. Folded, it is 23 cm high, 21 cm wide and 4.3 cm deep. It’s also light as it only weights 1020 g. Its design allows it to attach to just about anything in a snap. You can easily attach it to any bag while you’re walking or cycling thanks to four Velcro connectors.

The Savior is still looking for backers to reach its funding target. But if all goes well, you’ll be able to get it in March 2017 from $99, and you’ll never be without juice during your next year’s adventures.

The Savior on KickStarter


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