This case will make your Apple Watch completely waterproof

The Apple Watch is a really nice piece of technology but it has a problem for adventurers: it wasn’t necessarily made for the outdoors. But thanks to the Apple Watch case from Catalyst, you’ll be able to take your Apple Watch everywhere you go.

Catalyst is well known for the cases it builds for smartphones and tablets. It has used its experience in the field to build its first case dedicated to the Apple Watch. The result is a case that entirely  protects the Apple Watch and that is designed to keep it safe, even when completely immersed in water.


The case fits perfectly around the watch and it takes only a few moments to install it. Once in place, the Apple Watch becomes much more rugged. It was built to be IP68 certified waterproof, which means you can dive to a depth of 165 feet and the Apple Watch will still be protected from moisture. It is also MIL-SPEC 810G rated against drops. You’ll therefore won’t have to worry too much if the watch falls on the ground or hits something. If you were reluctant to bring your Apple Watch on a hike or excursion, Catalyst’s case will allow you to take away that worry that you might be feeling.

The Apple Watch case doesn’t alter the watch’s functionality. Its exposed face gives direct access the touchscreen; the heart rate sensor still works properly, as does both the microphone and speaker, and you’ll still have easy access to the charging dock. Its ultra slim profile compliments Apple’s sleek design, and it actually gives it a really nice look. The case is available in three colors (Stealth black, Rescue Ranger and Green Pop) and retails at $59.99.

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