Bagobago, the backpack you can convert into a chair

Is Bagobago a must for exhausted travelers who deserve a comfortable place to rest their buttocks? Made in Czech Republic, that backpack/chair could be the answer for when you’re waiting in an interminable line, or want to sit on a dirty surface. The bag is made with an inside metallic frame that ensures a good stability as a chair (you can remove the metallic parts to easily wash Bagobago). Just pull the flap under the bag to let the metallic legs appear, and sit wherever you feel like!


Bagobago is waterproof and designed to protect its content while you use it as a stool (if you weigh less than 285lbs). It has a 22 liters capacity and can be brought as cabin baggage in a plane. While it looks like a sturdy, well-equipped backpack with a unique feature, it is always wise to be cautious with that kind of hybrid objects (that could end up being a mediocre seat AND a mediocre backpack). The Bagobago company is a new brand that expects to launch their first product, we will then have to perform a full review to decide whether or not this backpack chair is worth bringing on your next expedition.


Weight: 3.5lbs (1.6kg)

Price:  $147 (£94, €135)

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