Berghaus updates BIOFLEX rucksack technology

The first iteration of Bioflex was released by Berghaus back in 2005 in a range of technical rucksacks and scored a few awards for its innovating way to distribute the weight and allow the pack to move. Fast forward 2012 and they are outing a new improved version.

The new Bioflex is said to take the ideas from the first version and put them in a more lightweight and robust package. It is based around three points. First a pivot moving in three dimensions and linking the hip belt to the frame of the pack allowing for more natural movements. The hip belt is then fitted with a special weight transferring frame they call Hyperlink that evenly distributes the weight around the pelvis. Last is the new CROSS-LOAD frame as Berghaus calls it, more robust and lightweight than the previous version.

It is a pretty interesting concept and provided the pivot doesn’t prove to be the weak link of the trio, Bioflex should improve significantly comfort and reduce energy consumption during long hikes. Berghaus has released Bioflex rucksacks in different volumes for men and women and you can read all the details on the MtnHaus website. No info on the weight of the things though.


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