Earthrise Recycled Sleeping Bags from Mountain Equipment

Earthrise Recycled Sleeping Bags from Mountain Equipment

Earthrise Recycled Sleeping Bags are the latest in Mountain Equipment’s Down Cycle Range.

We wrote about the Down Cycle Project back in November. The down comes from a solar powered European recycling facility. They take post-consumer clothing and bedding, and turn it into high performance down. Its carbon footprint is much lower than traditional down, but with the same insulating properties.

The inner and outer fabrics are also made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste. The 20D yarns in the outer make a very wind resistant, comfortable, and downproof fabric. The liner is soft, breathable and and durable. Environmental benefits without sacrificing function or aesthetic.

Earthrise Recycled Sleeping Bags

Earthrise Recycled Sleeping Bags

The Earthrise is Mountain Equipment’s popular Helium model. A relatively lightweight bag rated for sub zero temperatures.

They’re available in a range of different models with recommended minimum temperatures of -9 °C to -2 °C.

Both men’s and women’s models are available in Regular and Long lengths, and with left or right zipped versions.

Weights range from 850-1070g depending upon the model.

The bags RRP is £270 for the lighter versions, £320 for more extreme temperatures.

A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed

Willing to put their money where their mouth is, ME offer a “Good night’s sleep guarantee”. The bags laboratory rated to EN13537/ISO23537 specifications, and the company promise that:

“Should you decide that the sleeping bag you’ve purchased is not as warm as you’d expected it to be we’ll upgrade your bag, if one is available, to one of a warmer specification”.

You can find more details and purchase the Earthrise sleeping bags at

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