New GoPro accessories in the shop for more possibilities

If you are the lucky owner of a GoPro Hero3 camera then you will soon be able to fit it on new accessories. GoPro have added three new items to there already comprehensive range of parts.

The craziest of them must be the Dual Hero, a housing that can accommodate two Hero3 Black edition. Apart from getting envious looks from your mates the cool thing is 3D video recording. Plus the housing allows, thanks a small cable, one of the GoPros to control the other one. Just start recording and both cameras will automatically be in sync. Cherry on the cake, you even get a pair of 3D glasses to see your content. But then for the 219€ asking price it’s the least they can do.

Dual Hero system

If 3D is not your thing, but you want to spend some cash on your favorite camera, then the Blackout housing is for you. If you ever fancied a classier, more discreet look for you Hero3 then look no further. Matt black and low profile, it comes with a LCD concealment sticker to make sure you go undetected. 59€.

Blackout Housing

Last is the Gooseneck. A bendable neck a-la Gorilla pod, 8″ (20.3cm) in length, for crazy angles while filming. You can use multiple Goosenecks together for longer reach. 25€.

GoPro Gooseneck


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