Lowepro Whistler, a weatherproof backpack for outdoor photographers

For all those who like to bring a good photographic gear on their expeditions, the Lowepro Whistler might be a product of choice. The brand from Colorado just launched these 2 alpine photo backpacks, available in two sizes: 350 AW and 450 AW. The 350 AW version can contain 1 professional camera, 1 action camera and up to 4 lenses! They also feature pockets and storage for all your stuff and not only photography-related gear. It has straps to attach bigger objects on the side of the backpack, like skis or walking sticks.


The backpacks were tested by professional photographers under real conditions (in the mountains of British Columbia). Both Whistler 350 AW and 450 W are entirely waterproof thanks to their thermoplastic polyurethane fabric. The spandex-covered foam on the backside will ensure the backpack is comfortable to use, even for an extended period of time.

The Whistler are made from sturdy material, but the lack of a side zipper means you have to take the backpack off if you want to access its content. A downside in terms of usability. Also, keep in mind that the Whistler is sold around $350 and is aimed at seasoned photographers who want to carry several different lenses on their trips. A smaller bag will definitely do the tricks if you only plan on bringing one camera with a spare lens.

Price: $350 (£226, €315)

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