Sierra Designs Nightwatch, a convertible 4-season tent

For the watch! Renowned for its tents and sleeping bags, Sierra Design (an American company created in 1965) announced the Nightwatch for spring 2016, a convertible tent that can be deployed into 3 different shapes. Deploy it fully in case of raining, with its fabric entirely covering the top to avoid rainfall. The “halfway-retracted” position allows you to sleep confortably while letting the breeze in (in that position, then tent ventilates quite a lot). You can even fully retract the roof, so nothing stands between you and the sky. Way to enjoy a stary night!


Its composite nylon fabrics makes for a durable and lightweight tent. The floor is made from 70D Polyurethane coated Nylon Taffeta, the canopy from 70D Ripstop Nylon and the mesh is 20D Woven Nylon. The tent features a closet on the back to store gear and shoes (that you can also access from the inside). It will protect your stuff from the weather (and has enough space to store the gear you might have on your back). Its highest peak is 49’’, while its living space is 35 square feet (102 x 55 ‘’). Ideal for 2 people!