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Nomad’s Portable Suitcase Grill is Practical and Stylish

Feb 1 | Simon

Nomad’s Suitcase Grill is Practical, Portable & Stylish This new portable suitcase grill from Dallas based start-up Nomad Grills combines stylish design with great practical function. A portable charcoal grill and smoker, it folds away

Sierra Designs Nightwatch, a convertible 4-season tent

Aug 19 | Vincent

For the watch! Renowned for its tents and sleeping bags, Sierra Design (an American company created in 1965) announced the Nightwatch for spring 2016, a convertible tent that can be deployed into 3 different shapes.

Pillow talk: three self inflatable pillows tested

Mar 22 | Ben

Our three contenders are the Highlander Micro Pillow, the Gelert Trek Self Inflating pillow and the Vango Pillow. We took them to various camping trips, car camping and backpacking outings. We had some good nights and not many bad ones really.

Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0 review

Jul 7 | Joe

Sometimes a bit of extra weight can gain you a lot of comfort. You could eat your meals directly out of the pot or you could bring a plate or a bowl and make the