Nomad’s Portable Suitcase Grill is Practical and Stylish

Nomad’s Suitcase Grill is Practical, Portable & Stylish

This new portable suitcase grill from Dallas based start-up Nomad Grills combines stylish design with great practical function.

A portable charcoal grill and smoker, it folds away into a sleek metal case with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying and storage on the road.

Nomad portable suitcase grill

Designed for the Road

Made from cast aluminium, the Nomad Grill is lightweight and portable, while offering maximum strength and durability.

Clever design packs lots of functionality into a small space. The Nomad can sear, smoke, bake or barbecue, and has an impressive 4252 inches of cooking surface. That’s around 30 burgers you can grill at a time. (That’s when using 2 grills, one on each side).

The case has an anodised finish to protect it from stains and corrosion. It looks more like a flight case for some high tech gear than camp cookware!

portable suitcase grill in action

Keep Cool and Carry On

One of the most interesting features of the Nomad Grill is the patent pending SurfaceSafeâ„¢ tech. The aluminium shell uses a multilayer construction that insulates the hot charcoal from outer case, preventing overheating.

This reduces the risk of burns, means you can cook on almost any surface, and decreases the wait time before you can pack up and move on.

Precision Grilling

The grill uses an innovative honeycomb design that both keeps the weight down and more evenly distribute heats. It’s slightly domed to give greater clearance above the coals (Not so much that your bangers roll off). The grills are held in place by powerful heat resistant magnets so they can easily be removed, but won’t rattle around during transport.

The same magnets are used for the vents, which in combination with the built in thermometer, make precision cooking a breeze.

Nomad Portable Suitcase Grill Specs

The Nomad Grill retails at $599 with 1 grill included, the second must be purchased separately if required. At the high end of the portable grill price spectrum, but it’s sleek design could certainly tempt us to spend the extra.

It weighs in at 28lbs (12.7kg) and measures 20.5″x13.5″x9.5″ when folded. (52x34x23cm).

You can find more details and order directly from

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