LuminAID : an innovative, solar-powered inflatable light

The LuminAID had to attract our attention. Looking like an shiny cushion, that eco-friendly light source might prove interesting for all your camping trips. The product was originally design to provide renewable light in an unfriendly environment (after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti), and is now available for the public. Just inflate it to use it, and fold it to easily put it in your bag (it only weighs 3.5oz).

The light is available in 3 different models : PackLite 12, PackLite 16 and PackLite Spectra. The first two respectively provide 12 and 16 hours of light (up to 32 hours if you reduce the brightness or use the flashing light mode), while the Spectra also adds some nice color shades. You can set the brightness between 20 and 45 lumens, depending on your needs. The LuminAID is waterproof (up to 1m deep) and wheatherproof, and will charge even under a cloudy wheather (it might however take a little more time). Under direct sun, the light will charge in aproximately 7 hours and can withstand up to 500 charges.

Weight : 3.5oz (100g)

Price : $34 (£21.99, €31) for the PackLite 12 $39 (£24.99, €36) for the PackLite 16

The LuminAID is distributed by Eskimo Agency, distributor of innovative accessories and gadgets with a focus on lightweight, portable gear. Their products are used by outdoor enthusiasts, travel freaks, gadget seekers, tech nerds and gear junkies.

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