HELIOS 25 by Haglöfs, the ultralight award winning backpack

The Swedish manufacturer Haglöfs (known for its backpacks since 1914) just won the award for best product in the outdoor show of Friedrichshafen 2015. We’re talking about the leading outdoor trade show, in the german region of Badden – Württemberg (close to the swiss and austrian borders).

The intelligent design of the ROC HELIOS 25 was made possible with the help of the mountain rescue expert Jacopo Bufacchi. The Italian climber declared :

“While developing Mountain Ultimate, phrases such as ‘lower weight’, ‘more strength’, ‘climb higher’ and ‘go faster’ guided us in our work. We are now seeing the results in the form of minimalist, uncompromising products in which every feature has been carefully evaluated. Material that weighs as little as possible yet is still durable and able to withstand the challenges it is exposed to during a climbing expedition. And a snug design that still offers a comfortable fit“


Made from Dimension Polyant X-Pac, the backpack is surprisingly lightweight and was entirely designed around the idea of allowing faster climbing times. It might not be ideal for very long climbings, for it can only pack a limited amount of gear. But for those who value swiftness, the ROC HELIOS 25 could be unrivaled.

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