GoPro update HERO range with HERO2

The guys at GoPro have released a new iteration of their very successful HD HERO named… HD HERO2. The original was capable of great 1080p footage at 30fps while being waterproof and shockproof. Now from what they say, the HERO2 is twice as good.

For a start the HERO2 comes with better video skills with a better lens, better low light performance and variable angle while filming. For example, where the original could only do 127º the GoPro HERO2 has 2 more positions: 170º and 90º for better control and possibilities.

One other nice addition is the bump in frame rate at certain resolution: up to 60fps in 720p and 120fps in WVGA. The camera also gets it still shots at a faster 10 shots/seconds in 11MP where the HERO only managed 3 shots/seconds at 5MP.

Also added is the possibility to stream directly to the web via mobile app as well as wifi preview and playback capabilities.

The rest stays the same, with 60m deep waterproof shell, timelapse and self timers for still shots, wifi controls. The price is the same as the original, $299 and comes with three different mounts: outdoor, motor sports and surf. The good news is that the original HERO is now cheaper at $199 so if you don’t need the added specs then it might be a good choice.