Happy Holidays from Gear Exposure

Happy Holidays from Gear Exposure!

From all the team here at Gear Exposure, we want to wish you very happy holidays and all the best for 2021.

I’m sure 2020 is a year that we all want to put behind us as soon as possible.

Our thoughts are especially with anyone who’s been personally affected by the virus, either physically or through the loss of loved ones.

I’m sure though, that as outdoor lovers, all of us have found this year particularly frustrating. In Spain we spent months banned from leaving the house, let alone go to the mountains!

Here in Barcelona it’s been particularly frustrating having the snow covered Pyrenees so close, yet not being able to visit.

We do count ourselves lucky at least to have the Collserola Natural Park within the city’s boundaries so we can at least get some fresh air, forest bathing, and spectacular views.

We are itching to get more the 500m above sea level though, and so are keeping everything crossed that 2021 starts to see us get a handle on the virus, so we can start to move freely again, get out of lockdown and into the wild!

Wherever you are in the world, we hope that you’re safe and well, and that 2021 can bring a return to outdoor adventure for one and for all.