Hillsound Equipment Launch Packstack Backpack Packing System

Hillsound Equipment Launch Packstack Backpack Packing System

Canadian outdoor specialists Hillsound are launching a new Backpack Packing System to protect and organize your gear.

The new ergonomically designed backpack packing systems help keep gear protected and organized with no wasted space.

We are thrilled to see the PackStack™ and PackStack™ Pro come to life. We spent countless hours designing, testing, and adjusting prototypes to ensure the best product possible. We’re excited to release the PackStack™ systems to help people get back to doing what they love outside instead of organizing and reorganizing their packs.

YooRa Kang, Hillsound Equipment’s Marketing Manager

No more rummaging

The PackStack™ backpack packing systems provide hikers with the space to separate wet/dry, clean/dirty, food/non-food, essentials/non-essentials within their packs in a lightweight, durable pack liner that allows quick access to frequently used gear.

Made from durable, lightweight, and waterproof fabric, the PackStack™ products are tear and abrasion-resistant. You can store angular and metallic objects such as cookware, without worrying about rips and tears.

With a top handle and crescent shape, the PackStack™ leaves no dead space in your pack and easily accommodates hydration reservoirs, making them more space-efficient than other packing cubes and dry bags.

Packstack Backpack Packing System in Backpack

Keeps water in and out

I usually use dry bags to separate my gear; keeping your gear dry on the trail is essential for an enjoyable trip. The PackStack™ Pro features a waterproof, durable zipper to fully protect items from liquid and moisture. It’ll keep your dry gear dry, and keep any wet kit separated from the rest.

To store smaller items, the PackStack™ Pro comes with a separate zippered pocket while the PackStack™has an integrated interior pocket. Both versions can be folded into their own pockets for easy and simple storage when not in use.

Packstack Backpack Packing System Available now for pre-order

Compatible with any brand of outdoor adventure backpack, the PackStack™ and PackStack™ Pro will help organize and protect your precious hiking gear, plus save you time and hassle when making camp.

Both the weatherproof PackStack™ and waterproof PackStack™ Pro fit backpacks 40L or 60L and larger and come in short or tall options for each pack volume making for easy packing and unpacking on the trail.

Made to last, the packs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information about the PackStack™ line or to find a retailer near you, visit www.hillsound.com.

Packstack Backpack Packing System in Backpack

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