Osprey shows off with impressive drone captured videos

A few years ago, you strapped an action to your handle bar you were cool. You could shoot immersive videos at the heart of the action a show off with your friends. Now everyone is doing it, but you can still be cool, you just need a drone.

There is something appealing yet scary about drones. Once reserved for military operations, drones have found their way to the mainstream consumers through the likes of Parrot. And it’s probably only the start. Brands are also adopting this new way of capturing action sequences to show their products. Not just because of the buzz but also for the new angles you can get and agility of such machines.

Osprey has released on their websites a few very nice videos of hikers and mountain biker, all clad in Osprey gear and shot with drones. The result is quite impressive and if you haven’t drone videos before go have a look. The smoothness of the scrolling and some of the perspectives are just amazing.

Mountain biking from an Osprey viewpoint from Osprey Europe on Vimeo.

Of course if you are the lucky owner of a drone and have an outdoor video you would like to share, post a link in the comments and we’ll check it out.


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