Submit your recipe to Primus and try to win an Onja stove

For all the food lovers and adventurers out there, Primus is holding an online recipe competition to search for the most inspiring recipes from around the globe. Its aim is to collect the 50 best recipes for Primus’ new outdoor cookbook “Culinary Heights”.

Are you a good cook? Then you should probably have a look at Primus’ recipe competition that is ongoing until the 22nd of August 2016. The most creative recipes will not only be selected to be featured in “Culinary Heights”, but the winners will also be awarded with an Onja stove from Primus’ new campfire range.

The printed version of “Culinary Heights” will gather the recipes of 50 delicious meals from around the world. “Ever wondered what a Japanese family eats when they camp? What a Norwegian couple grabs into when they have been out on a hike? Culinary Heights will give you the answer!”

To enter the competition, you just have to submit your recipe with a picture, a name, its ingredients and directions on Primus’ dedicated page. Every fortnight, a winner will be selected and contacted by Primus.

What exactly is the Onja stove? It’s Primus’ most compact two-burner stove. It features a carrying strap that makes it easy to bring during any type of outdoor excursion.  When extended the body becomes a stable cooking unit that also protects the burners from the wind. This will definitely be a nice present for adventurers who enjoy preparing tasty meals outdoors.


To get more information on the competition and to submit your recipe, visit Primus’ website. Good luck!

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