BlackDiamond Releases New Range of Traction Devices

BlackDiamond Introduce All-New Traction Device Range for Winter 2020/21.

BlackDiamond are releasing a new range of lightweight traction devices for the coming winter season.

Known for their traditional crampons, BlackDiamond move into the trail-running market with this new range of ultralight minimalist spikes.

The new range features 3 different models, at 3 different price points. As all have different features though, the most expensive might not necessarily beat the others for your needs.

The New BlackDiamond Spike Traction Device Range

BlackDiamond Distance Spike Traction Device

Distance Spike Traction Device

The Distance Spike Traction Device is the flagship model, and the most expensive at just shy of $100.

It boasts soft-shell toe cover to offer some warmth and protection in addition to grip. At just 115g weighs in pretty light. This model definitely seems the best all around option, hence the higher price tag.

BlackDiamond Access Spike Traction Device

Access Spike Traction Device

The mid-priced option at $75, the Access Spike weighs in the heaviest of the three at 125g.

The Access is billed as the most durable and versatile of the range. That said, there doesn’t appear to be a huge difference in ruggedness or versatility between the Access and the Distance!

BlackDiamond Blitz Spike Traction Device

Blitz Spike Traction Device

The Blitz Spike model is the true ultralight version of the range at just 57 grams and also the cheapest at just €40.

It doesn’t offer anything in terms of waterproofing or shoe protection, and only has 6 spikes at the front of the foot.

This is a minimalist model for those who are determined to keep weight to a bare minimum or on a tight budget!

Which model is best for you?

Decisions decisions! Which model is most appropriate will depend upon:

  • Whether you’re hiking or running
  • Whether your shoes are already warm and waterproof or not
  • How far you’re going
  • How much of the trail you expect to find covered in snow or ice.

Personally I’d opt for the Distance if I was running a long trail with a lot of snow. The Access if I was hiking, had warm waterproof boots/trainers and expected lots of ice. The Blitz if I was running a long distance and only expected to encounter patches of snow and ice.

Which version would you pick and why?