Cocona going all out at OR with new insulation, PRO and merino products

Last week at OR Show, Cocona showed some of the new products they will make available to their partners for Fall/Winter 2013. Those use the company’s patented Cocona Active Particles technology made from discarded coconut shells.

The Cocona PRO collection is all about ultra fast drying times and is designed to be used as a first layer in highly aerobic activities.

We believe our new Cocona PRO Collection will be the ‘go-to’ first layer product for runners, cyclists, skiers and any athlete who expects their gear to handle the highest sweat rates and dry from the inside. These are the best of our best Cocona® Fabrics.

Said Alan Lekan, vice president of product development.

Cocona’s Insulation System (CIS) will combine liner and synthetic insulation and again focus on moisture management and light weight and can be used in gloves, sleeping bags and insulated clothing. Last comes Cocona’s new Merino fabric blending wool and synthetic strands with Active Drying Technology. They advertise the result as drying five times faster depending on construction and weight than 100% merino fabrics.

Cocona seem to have created a range of product that would work in a complete layering system, we just need to wait for their brand partners to see what gear will come out of this.