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The new stuff from Icebreaker this spring/summer

May 19 | Joe

We are well into the spring/summer collections now and we’ve spotted some interesting articles from leading merino designer Icebreaker. Some new, some improved, all made of the same base material: wool.

Review: SmartWool PhD HyFi Half Zip merino top

Jan 15 | Ben

Today we are reviewing the SmartWool PhD HyFi Half Zip top. When I heard about SmartWool’s new PhD products for this winter and looked at the HyFi and the SmartLoft jackets, I immediately thought they

Review: SmartWool PhD socks

Jan 3 | Fabien

We know how to dress our body with layers of clever fabrics but let’s not forget what part of us is in contact with the ground: our feet.

New SmartWool socks get stronger the more you wear them

Aug 6 | Fabien

SmartWool, the merino wool specialist, will update its range of PhD socks with a new collection called Performance. Coming this fall, those new stronger socks should bring better performance and durability compared to their predecessors.

Review: SmartWool Teller Tech Zip Merino top

Jul 13 | Ben

SmartWool were the pioneer in using Merino wool to make outdoor apparel and they are still one of the main players on the market. Today we are looking at the Teller Tech Zip, a top