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Christmas Socks to be Dead Grateful for…

Dec 14 | Simon

Perhaps it’s old age, but I now find myself genuinely excited about receiving a pair of socks for Christmas! At least I can when they’re a pair of really good hiking socks. A great pair

Faster recovery with SmartWool’s PhD Compression socks

Apr 24 | Marie

SmartWool, the Steamboat Springs based manufacturer of Merino Wool apparel have an impressive range of socks. Their latest addition, the PhD Run Graduated Compression is, like its name suggest, a PhD sock with added compression

Review: SmartWool PhD socks

Jan 3 | Fabien

We know how to dress our body with layers of clever fabrics but let’s not forget what part of us is in contact with the ground: our feet.

New SmartWool socks get stronger the more you wear them

Aug 6 | Fabien

SmartWool, the merino wool specialist, will update its range of PhD socks with a new collection called Performance. Coming this fall, those new stronger socks should bring better performance and durability compared to their predecessors.