Christmas Socks to be Dead Grateful for…

Perhaps it’s old age, but I now find myself genuinely excited about receiving a pair of socks for Christmas!

At least I can when they’re a pair of really good hiking socks. A great pair of socks can make the difference between a wonderful day, and a blister inducing slog.

That said, most hiking socks are function over form. Typically in black, brown or grey, maybe stripes if you’re lucky… It’s unlikely they’ll be the gift highlight of the holiday season.

This can’t be said, however, for the socks in Smartwool’s new Grateful Dead Collection of high performance wool wear.

Made from sustainably sourced merino wool, these funky socks will keep your toes warm and dry all through winter. Whether your on the trails, blazing down the pistes, or simply shopping the January sales you’ll have happy feet.

The range was designed by professional skier, surfer and artist Chris Benchetler. He cites the band as one of his great inspirations in art and life. It’s been released in conjunction with his film “Fire on the Mountain“. A beautiful outdoor adventure short, with a Grateful Dead soundtrack of course!

The film is definitely worth checking out, great shots accompanied by classic tunes.

If you’re thinking of buying Christmas socks for someone, these are a must for your Dead Head outdoor lover friends.

Smartwool Grateful Dead Range possibly the best Christmas Socks ever?

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