JayBird Vista – Earbuds Made for Trail Runners

Earbuds made for trail runners? Could it be that there is finally a workable solution?

Running and Music are two of my greatest loves. They’re not always the easiest things to pair though!

Choose a wire that gets caught on the undergrowth, or wireless buds that fall out and land in a puddle…

JayBird have been working on this issue for sometime. Dedicated runners, they released their first wireless buds in 2006. Long before AirPods were even a thing and phones still had a hole for a headphone jack…

The JayBird Vista earbuds are their latest release, promising to be the most robust and durable yet. Perfect for trail runners and hikers that love to get off the beaten track.

IPX7 Fully Waterproof Earbuds

Water is always an issue when on the trails. It’s either hot and the sweat is pouring in buckets, or it’s the rain that’s bucketing down…

Either which way, the Vista wireless headphones have got you covered as they are fully waterproof. Certified to IPX7 rating, the highest available.

Not only will they withstand sweat and rain, even if you drop them in a puddle or river, they’ll keep on going.

Secure Fit and Long Battery Life

Even though they can withstand it, fishing these Earbuds out of a puddle shouldn’t be on the cards, as the fit is specifically designed to handle the up and down of a runner’s head.

The earbuds come with three sizes of interchangeable, silicone eargels to ensure a secure, comfortable fit that will keep them safely in your ears during intense activity.

No need to worry about being left in silence half-way through a long run either.

Fully charged, the buds keep pumping out the tunes for up to 6 hours. That’s longer than most us us can keep our legs pumping!

The case doubles as a charger, with another 10 hours of juice stored inside. This means you can recharge on the go without having to search for a socket.

If the buds do run down while you’re still out in the mountains, a 5 minute fast charge will give you another hour of music to get you back to basecamp.

Jaybird Vista Earbuds Made for Trail Runners

Premium Sound with Custom EQ

These small buds produce a big sound thanks to 6mm milled drivers, which give 12 mW RMS output.

Along with power comes control. You can fully customise the EQ levels via the JayBird phone app, saving different profiles for different musical styles or sports.

The app also lets you share spotify playlists with other JayBird users, should you be the caring and sharing type.

Earbuds Made for Trail Runners don’t come cheap…

All of the above of course doesn’t come cheap…

The JayBird Vista Earbuds for Trail Runners RRP at €189.00.

We know that quality doesn’t come cheap, and these can’t be compared to a pair of €15 earpods. But isn’t that quite a lot of faith to be putting in the secure fit provided by the interchangeable eargels?

While they can survive landing in puddle, what happens if they go off a cliff or down a rock crevice?

That said, outdoor adventure is all about accepting some risk, so go for it adrenaline junkies, you can purchase the JayBird Vistas here!

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