GoLite coming back to Europe this year

GoLite reopening in Europe

If you’ve shopped for lightweight gear chances are you’re heard about GoLite. The Boulder, Colorado based company is one of the biggest manufacturers focusing on light and ultralight gear and until now, their gear was not easy to come by in Europe.

Although you could buy some of GoLite’s stuff in specialised stores, mostly online, prices suffered greatly due the cost for sellers to import the gear. While hikers in the US enjoyed great value for money, European prices were often too high to make the product attractive.

In a recent article on Backpacking North, a review of the Eureka! / Nigor WickiUp 3 SUL shelter, someone apparently affiliated with GoLite commented about their return very soon to the European market. The link Joerg posted does indeed point to a website called www.golite.ch which says in big letters: “[GoLite] is on the way to Europe”.

GoLite reopening in Europe

There hasn’t been any confirmation on the official GoLite website yet but we can only hope this is real and that we will soon be able to enjoy GoLite gear at a great price.

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