ISPO 2016 : towards more sustainable outdoor gear

ispo 2016

ISPO 2016 will be opening its doors soon ! From the 24th to the 27th of January, the international sporting goods exhibition will be introducing the future of sports gear. Created in 1970, the show will feature around 2.500 exhibitors. In terms of outdoor gear, be sure that we will cover the new trends and products featured at the ISPO, with apparel, footwear, equiment and everything for the outdoor adventurers who want to be kept up to date with the latest technologies !

ispo 2016
This year, apart from the fast-growing Health & Fitness area, the focus will be put on sustainability. The subject has been at the center of consumer’s preoccupation for the past year, and will be highly visible during the german event. We’re talking about eco-sustainable gear, as much as socially responsible production (after several scandals like Patagonia’s wool sourcing in 2015). That’s why the origin of materials will be an important preoccupation, and the german manufatcturer Vaude understood it well : the winner of 2015’s German Sustainability Award will present its eco-friendly outdoor gear. With a 100% recyclable Sympatex membrane, Vaude’s footwear will certainly be worth a look on the show.

Recycling is definitely a trend in modern outdoor gear, this is why Adidas will introduce its new sustainably-produced footwear. Plastic sea debris will be used by the manufacturer for its new eco-friendly line of shoes; a good step after the relocation of the brand’s factories in Europe in 2015 (even though we can’t expect the whole production of the brand to favour sustainability in a near future). Residues of the refining of sugarcane will also be featured this year ! Molasses will be used by the Norsk manufacturer “Bergans of Norway” for the fabrication of their Eidfjord jacket, with the exterior layer being made with 30% of this substance.

Stay put for ISPO 2016 ! We will ensure that all the most innovative outdoor gear from the best brands will be featured on our series about the german exhibition.

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