Kammok reinvents the sleeping bag with the Thylacine, successfully funded on Kickstarter

They made one of the most successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2011 with the Kammok, again mid 2013 with the Glider and they are at it again with the Thylacine.

Kammok is again turning to the crowd to fund their latest project, a revolutionary sleeping bag system that could well be the last sleeping bag you will have to buy. The Thylacine sleeping bag is the first of its kind and combines various technologies and concept to create something we think is very interesting.


At the core of the system is the concept of variable warmth. The bag itself is essentially just a shell to which you can add your choice of baffles. The Thylacine will accept both synthetic and down baffles that can be layered to create the bag you need. Need a very warm bag? Just add more baffles, or mix synthetic baffles with down ones. The synthetic insulation is made of Primaloft Synthetic Gold, the highest grade of insulation from the brand. The down is Primaloft’s Down Blend, a blend of Primaloft fibers and waterproof 750 fill power down.

To make the Thylacine even more customisable, Kammok developed what they call Customfit, width adjustments disposed along the bag that allow the user to change the width and in some places the length of the bag.


The shell of the Thylacine can be made of Atmos fabric, a 10D nylon ripstop fabric Kammok developed or DART, for Dry Advanced Respiration Technology, the expedition grade proprietary fabric they also created which combines it with eEvent.

Like their past two crowd-funding campaign, this one has been successfully funded. But if all this convinced you to get yourself a new bag, head to the Kickstarter page, you still have 14 days to pledge to the project.