Matrix’s PowerWatch 2 never needs to be charged

The new version of the PowerWatch form Matrix promises GPS and fitness tracker capabilities with zero charge time. Finally the perfect outdoor watch?

With the plethora of outdoor watches you can get your hands on nowadays, it’s hard to really get our attention for long. And we are all users of outdoor watches around the room. Getting GPS directions, logging a track to share or getting body metrics are all cool thing you can do. But never for much longer than a day. And external batteries or solar panels don’t always fit in a super-light expedition.

That’s why I was very intrigued by the Matrix PowerWatch 2. Last year’s model ran on body heat but was lacking in functionalities. The
PowerWatch 2 however has everything I think I would want in a watch: GPS, fitness tracker, tough, waterproof and phone pairing. They also added solar charing support, I suppose to keep all those new options running.

I couldn’t care less about fancier watches with apps and the likes. What I want is to track and record my adventures, anytime. So if Matrix can deliver on the never-charge promise, I’m sold. 

The PowerWatch 2 is right now available in early bird at $249 on Indiegogo, with the normal price said to be $499. Estimated delivery around June 2019.

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