Turn Your Mobile into a Satellite Phone with Somewhere Global Hotspot

Turn Your Mobile into a Satellite Phone with Somewhere Global Hotspot

This innovative tech will turn your mobile into a satellite phone.

The Somewhere Global Hotspot lets your phone connect to their worldwide network.

Unlike the patchy mobile network or GPS, the satellite network has 100% global coverage. Whether it’s an emergency, or simply a desire to stay in touch with friends and family, you’ll never be out of bars.

Turn your mobile into a satellite phone

Apps that Work Anywhere

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be tempted to check your twitter account out in the backcountry.

The satellite network doesn’t let you use your phone as normal, you need to install specific apps.


Message friends, family and emergency services from anywhere on the planet.

Providing you can see the sky, you can be sure that your message will get through to its intended recipient. No more balancing on tiptoe phone held aloft searching for signal!


With the Somewhere Hotspot Tracking App friends and family can follow you back home.

Good fun and peace of mind for loved ones at home, as they can follow your progress in real time.

Should something go wrong there’s no lengthy search, the emergency services will know exactly where you are.


In the mountains the weather can change unexpectedly. The weather app keeps you updated with the latest weather reports so you don’t get caught off guard.

Minimalist Design

Taking advantage of your phone’s screen is a clever move. While there are lots of SatCom devices on the market, most have small poor quality screens. Using the screen on your mobile means you’ll have a large high res display while saving space and weight.

One downside to this set up is that it’s necessary to have a charged and working phone to properly use the device. You can still send an SOS request direct from the device, so if there’s a real emergency no problem. But if you want to send messages, check the forecast or use the GPS you’ll need plenty of juice for your phone.

Monthly Subscriptions

Connecting your Somewhere Global Hotspot to the satellite network requires a monthly subscription.

Plans start from $8.33 per month with an anual contract. All plans come with some messages and location pins included. Extra messages are $1 each on the basic plan, 50c on the intermediate ones. $50 a month gets you unlimited coverage.

Somewhere Global Hotspot vs the Bivvy Stick

The Somewhere Global Hotspot is great, but the Bivy Stick has the edge in terms of spec.

The Bivy stick is a touch lighter, and has greater functionality without the phone. You can send preset messages with the touch of a button (and without cost).

Both devices cost $349, the price difference comes with the credits.
Thhe SGH has the cheapest monthly option at $8.33 with 10 messages, but this comes with an annual contract.

The Bivy plans start at $17.99 with 20 messages, but no contract.
Which works out best for you would depend how often you’re off grid, for how long, and how many messages you send.

If you’re off grid a few days every month the SGH may well work out best. If you go for longer, but less frequent trips, the Bivy will be your boy.

The Somewhere Global Hotspot is available now from their website.

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