Ortholite Premier Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology

Ortholite Introduce Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology

Ortholite, the insole specialists, premier O-Therm™: Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology.

“The Ultimate Cold-Weather Footwear Solution”, they feature aerogel-infused open-cell PU foam. A world first apparently.

The insoles create a thermal barrier that prevent heat loss through the soles. The aerogel blend produces the highest level of insulation, while being incredibly light.

O-Therm™: Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology.

Why Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology?

The aerogel traps micro-pockets of air which don’t get compressed under foot.

OrthoLite’s aerogel is unlike any other aerogel solution in that it is nano-porous inside of a multi-porous structure, and that creates a supreme thermal barrier which blocks both cold and heat. In addition, O-Therm’s advanced silica aerogel powder is the lightest man-made material, weighing in at only three times the weight of air

Rob Falken, Vice President of Innovation at OrthoLite

O-Therm™ is also hydrophobic, repelling moisture, helping keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Lab tests confirm that O-Therm™ is 54% more effective than other thermal insoles when tested at -78°C (-108°F).

O-Therm™: Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology.

Coming Soon to a Winter Shoe Near You?

The new O-Therm™ insoles don’t appear to be available for purchase yet, at least not in Europe. Whether they will be in the future is unclear.

No doubt we’ll see them appear in brands such as Salomon and New Balance when they release new winter shoes.

You can find more information here: O-Therm™: Aerogel Thermal Insole Technology.

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