Jetboil Release Lightest Camp Cookset Yet

Jetboil Stash Lightest Camp Cookset

Jetboil Release Lightest Camp Cookset Yet

Jetboil have just released the Stash – their lightest camp cookset yet.
At a measly 200 g, the Stash is 40 percent lighter than Jetboil’s earlier lightweight stove system.

Designed to be light and compact for thru-hiking, the Stash has a titanium burner and anodized aluminum pot.

Using Jetboil’s FluxRing® Technology, the stove achieves rapid boil times, while conserving fuel. The stash can boil 500ml of water in just 2.5 minutes.

We know that the number one pain point for anyone on the trail is weight, and unfortunately because of the current weight and size, stoves and fuel are some of the first items to get cut from the pack. This forces backpackers to have to make hard sacrifices when it comes to meals on the trail.

Sara Lawhead, Jetboil Brand and Product Manager

The compact cook system has three support legs that fold out, and the cook pot slots on top for extra stability.

The stove, a 100 g fuel canister, a mini-lighter, and support all pack into the 0.8l cook pot.

The Stash system will be one of the lightest camp cooksets on the market. Designed only to boil water for freeze dried meals, coffee or tea, however, this does mean limited application.

Don’t try and Jetboil bacon! (Though you can use the stove with other pans)

Stash Lightweight Camp Cookset Spec

  • Stand-alone stove with titanium burner and 0.8l FluxRing cook pot
  • Boils 0.5l of water in 2.5 min.
  • 0.8 liter FluxRing pot comes with a lid and attached pour handle
  • Fuel stabilizer tripod that clips onto your own fuel canister
  • All packs into pot for convenient storage
  • Total weight 200g
  • Total burn time 74 minutes

The Jetboil Stash is available now from and all major stockists.

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