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Honor Enters the Outdoor Wearable Race

Oct 3 | Simon

HONOR looks set to disrupt the Outdoor Sports Watch category with the release of it’s latest SmartWatch, the HONOR GS PRO. For the best part of two decades, Suunto and Garmin dominated the sports watch

New Fujifilm outdoor camera, FinePix XP30

Jan 5 | Ben

Fujifilm just annouced the soon to be released FinePix XP30, successor of the XP10 in the outdoor camera range. The XP30 boast similar specs than its older brother but add a GPS to the package

Geotagging solutions and the DIY alternative

Oct 5 | Ben

Geotagging, when you travel and explore remote places (and are a gadget geek), is a must have. Get accurate positions of places you’ve visited, build maps of your last trip, possibilities are endless.

Zeal Optics Transcend Goggle, GPS enabled

Sep 28 | Ben

The new Zeal Optics spherical goggle are a good looking piece of kit that will protect your eyes like nothing else with their polarized and photo-chromic lens, wide vision angle and anti-fog system. But that’s