New eVent DVL to make lighter waterproof breathable gear

eVent Fabric

GE, the company behind the eVent fabric, announced the release of a new type of air permeable and waterproof membrane using their patented construction process.

The new eVent DVL, for Direct Venting Lite, is essentially the same ePTFE membrane but featuring a protective print directly on the fabric instead of a classic liner. This type of construction are also called 2.5 layer fabrics with the two layers being the face fabric and the membrane and the half layer the print.

“eVent DVL waterproof fabric stands alone in this class of fabrics because it does not use a polyurethane coating to protect the membrane from contamination, […] Polyurethane, applied as a coating, clogs the pores of the membrane and impedes airflow. In eVent fabrics, by comparison, the individual fibrils forming the membrane are treated so the pores remain open—or air permeable—and heat and moisture can pass through directly. That is GE’s Direct Venting* technology.”

said Glenn Crowther, product line leader for eVent fabrics.

eEvent DVL will then be laminated on lightweight fabrics in jackets, pants and more. With every brand trying to offer lighter gear it is a good move from GE to compete with other manufacturers like Gore-Tex in the waterproof/breathable segment.

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