Review: Karrimor Mount Low Weatherlite Boot Hedge

Karrimor Mount Low Women

Karrimor are a UK manufacturer of quality outdoor products. Today we are putting one of its mid range pair of shoes, the Mount Low Weatherlite Boot Hedge, to the test.

Available for men and women, the Mount Low have a low profile cut and are designed for casual hikers. They feature a WeatherLite membrane, Karrimor’s own tech for waterproffing, Suede/Mesh upper and toe cap for better protection.

Karrimor Mount Low WomenOn close inspection the build seems to be of good quality. Durable material even if no leather around and the stitchings are tight. The suede covers most of the shoe, with mesh gaps for the ventilation.

Karrimor generally uses Vibram sole for their shoes but the Mount Low are exception. The sole is well balanced and has good grip but is made of  quite soft rubber. It did not seems to wear faster after a day of use but it does not feel as durable as some other sole we’ve seen.

Karrimor Mount Low Women

Walking in the Karrimor Mount Low is a comfortable experience, the sole is flexible and the inner materials are soft and well placed. The waterproofing  seems to work well as well, dry feet after walking through wet grass and crossing a few streams.

Wrap up

Well, for the price you can’t really complain (the women version tested can be had for around £25 on The Karrimor Mount Low Weatherlite Boot Hedge are for casual use. The slightly too soft sole has a risk of wearing out rapidly if you take them out very often.

Karrimor Mount Low Women

(photos are of the Women version)

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