Sexy in Merino with SmartWool’s new PhD bras and bottoms

If Merino is your thing for next to skin comfort then you are going to like SmartWool’s offering of PhD bras and bottoms. Fancy staying odor free for a few days in a row? Then they’ve got you covered.

Underwear is probably the least talked about layer of one’s gear closet but technical options exist to get perfect comfort throughout. For us girls, a good bras is as important as a good rain jacket. SmartWool’s PhD collection of sport underwear starts with super soft Merino. This gives us built-in odor control, moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

The PhD sport bras all include wide straps and snug elastic ribcage band. The PhD Support Bra and the PhD Racerback feature the 4 Degree Elite Fit System, which should provide the wearers with perfect support without chafing, pinching, binding, or flattening. They are available in B/C/D cups.

The PhD Seamless Racerback Bra, PhD Seamless Strappy Bra and PhD Seamless Long Bra are, like the name suggests, seamless options for optimal comfort. You can complement them with the PhD Seamless Bikini and PhD Seamless Boy Short.

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Prices start at $60 up to $80 for the bras and $32 to $40 for the bottoms. Browse the entire collection on SmartWool’s website.

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