CENTR action camera will shoot your next adventure 360°

While today’s action camera segment is dominated by the likes of GoPro, what might be the future is starting to take shape. From the incredibly productive platform that is Kickstarter is coming the CENTR.

The technology for shooting 360° videos is not new. Specialists have been able to do it for years but the hardware requirements and software processing were not for the public. At team of ex-Apple engineers, involved in the iPhone’s camera, got together and made CENTR. Their camera films through 4 hd sensors and stitches, in real-time, the video stream to make a full 360° video.

After three years of research they have managed to make a 360° video camera that is tough, fits into a splashproof enclosure and can shoot up to 2 hours of full-hd 360° videos. It weights under 250g (9oz) and is GoPro and tripod mounts compatible.

The donut shape fits in the palm of your hand and allows filming without blocking any of the cameras by placing your thumb in the middle. You can also choose to film through only one of the cameras for a normal angle. The CENTR comes with apps for pretty much all mobile devices so you can see in real-time what you are filming.

You have 17 days left to make a pledge on Kickstarter. $299 and up will get you your very own CENTR when it is released in Feb 2015. Will you take te pludge? Is 360° video something you would use for filming your adventure?