The North Face launch new TracKING app for iOS

The new must have for outdoor gear companies is the mobile app. They want to accompany you on your trips, during your training sessions and while camping. All the big players have an app for something outdoorsy but The North Face are launching their third.

TracKING is the name of this new application you can download on your iOS devices. The name says it all, it allows you to create tracks of your hikes and runs and share them with your friends on Facebook. You can also see stats, compare them with your buddies, challenge them to beat your times or try to beat theirs.

They are also running a competition on Facebook where users can win some gear. The app is only useful to people with a Facebook account though as it seems you can’t do a lot of things if you don’t log in the social network. If you are looking for something similar, TNF also have an iOS app called Trailhead which does pretty much the same thing. Not sure what was the need for the new one.

Download from the App Store here.