SmartWool spring 12 collection comes with new technical trail line

Smartwool trail running

For their new spring collection SmartWool are adding a new line aimed at the trail. The new products are of course based around the brand’s favorite material: Merino wool. And you know that here at Gear Exposure we like Merino.

SmartWool have worked hard to enhance Merino’s natural properties, odour resistance, breathability and moisture management. They started by adding synthetic to the mix to create a blend that will dry faster and be more resistant.

You will also find some interesting details like eyelet knit bodies to improve ventilation as well as special panels on the shoulder and sides covered with Jersey knit. This should make areas subject to abrasion more resistant and improve the life-time of the product. They have also placed seams away from shoulder and hips straps to increase comfort.

The new trail collection features men’s tops and women’s tops and bottoms and are already available on SmartWool’s website.

//Author: Marie

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