Go hiking wild places thanks to the Recon Survival Tool

Do you remember the Kniper? The all-in-all survival tool might have gotten itself a serious competitor with the Recon Survival Tool. Coming straight from Kickstarter, this tool is more suited for the outdoor tasks requiring strength, while it might not be as efficient for precision work. The Recon Survival Tool does not pack any screwdriver or ruler. However, it has everything you need for the most dense forests or for laying camp. The multi-tool features an axe, a saw, a blade, a rescue hook and a lanyard hole (used to tie it to a string).


In terms of sharpness and durability, the Recon Survival Tool should excel thanks to its high carbon 420 stainless steel. Be careful, however, if you’re planning on ordering the tool: a lot of users report a very sharp blade that tends to cut the one who opens the package. Its construction in 2 pieces (blade and handle) might not be as trustworthy as a single piece tool like the Kniper, but the sturdiness doesn’t seem to be an issue with this one. The Recon Survival Tool seems like a tool of choice if and only if you like to hike and camp in the wildest places. For your everyday mountain hiking, it definitely sounds like an overkill.

Dimensions: 17” x 6”

Weight: 2 lbs