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Spyderco Create New Knife Steel for their Latest Blade

Nov 18 | Simon

Spyderco Create New Knife Steel for their Latest Blade Spyderco have set an industry first by commissioning a proprietary new knife steel for their latest blade with legendary steel producer Crucible Industries. For the uninitiated,

Go hiking wild places thanks to the Recon Survival Tool

Aug 26 | Vincent

Do you remember the Kniper? The all-in-all survival tool might have gotten itself a serious competitor with the Recon Survival Tool. Coming straight from Kickstarter, this tool is more suited for the outdoor tasks requiring

Kniper, the ultimate survival tool?

Jun 28 | Vincent

If you plan to roam mother nature this summer, you must already know the importance of packing a knife. But if the knife is one of the most universal and well-rounded tools, Kniper could be

Gerber and Bear Grylls partnership brings new survival gear

Jun 2 | Ben

A survival expert and an experienced gear manufacturer working together to develop better gear, sounds interesting right? That’s what professional adventurer Bear Grylls and knife and gear specialist Gerber have done in the Gerber Bear