Gerber and Bear Grylls partnership brings new survival gear

A survival expert and an experienced gear manufacturer working together to develop better gear, sounds interesting right? That’s what professional adventurer Bear Grylls and knife and gear specialist Gerber have done in the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series. The new range is composed of knifes, survival kits, multitools and other goodies.

When it comes to survival in the wild, Bear knows what he is talking about. Once world record for the youngest brits to summit Everest he then assumed the role of Chief Scouts and shot multiple TV shows around the world showing how you can survive in the toughest conditions.

The fixed blade knife “Ultimate Knife” is one of those specialy developed kit with plenty of neat tricks like super grippy handle, fire started that works against the knife blade, diamond sharpener and whistle.

Our next pick would have to be the “Ultimate Multitool“, which has all you expect from a descent multitool but also has a spring loaded jaw which is not that common. Comes with twelve tools including scissors, wire cutters, saw and serrated knife.

And last but not least the “Ultimate Kit“, a survival kit packed full of nice accessories like a Gerber® Miniature Multi-tool, hand saw, Survival Blanket, Sewing kit, Fishing Kit, Miniature Light and a Pocket guide containing Bear’s survival essentials.

To view the full range and get some survival tips from Bear head to