Komperdell Stiletto, the most versatile trekking poles?

The Komperdell Stiletto’s goal is to offer a whole new kind of adjustable walking poles. Most walking poles usually go for a lock system when it comes to adjust its height (like a twist lock). This, however, denies the possibility of quickly adjusting them in cases of emergency : a crucial possibility for extreme skiing or hiking when the length of your poles can be what stands between you and an accident. Komperdell’s answer to the usual walking poles locks? A simple button on the handle that you can press to instantaneously change its height. The size of the pole can go from 115 to 140cm (45-55″), even though a compact version is also available from 105 to 130cm (41-51″).


In terms of quality, the Komperdell Stiletto is made from Titanal.HF in its upper parts, while the lower parts are made from high grade carbon. The EVA foam grip features an extended gripzone. The adjustable walking poles might not be an absolute need for casual hiking, the traditional walking sticks are still great for that, but will come in handy for those who prefer the most difficult terrains, and have already felt the need for more adjustable poles.

In the UK, Komperdell is distributed by First Ascent.

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